Kevin Casey

Kevin is operations manager of WEBS. Kevin is the other half of the "Yawn Busters Morning Show." He was born in Kansas City, Missouri and moved to Calhoun as a child. He began his broadcasting career at Kickin FM as a part time announcer. He worked at sevral other radio stations including: WRGA, WROM K-98 (WFCX) and KOFM in Okalahoma. He also worked in music in Nashville, Tennessee. He has been back at Kickin FM for several years.




Reggie Gordon-

Reggie is our premier Part Timer! He was born in Dalton, Georgia but has lived all his life in Cahoun. He began his broadcasting career at WEBS and has been here since 2000. Reggie does whatever is needed, from producing remote broadcasts, sporting events to being an on-air personality. He is one of those people who goes the extra mile for the love of radio! He partipates and enjoys all kinds of sports.